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Technology and Training Wanzek

At Wanzek, we strive to make progressive advancements in employee training and technology innovations to increase employee engagement and better provide value added solutions for our clients.

Our Technology

Wanzek has a belief that technology advances will play a key role in optimizing our safety, planning, execution and quality. Driven by our beliefs, Wanzek is investing in cutting edge technology such as augmented and virtual reality and wearable technology to accomplish these goals.

We establish daily integration of information that allows field and corporate management teams to access real-time information. This system increases our interdepartmental collaboration and provides team members in the field with a continuous stream of timely information. We have also launched our Wanzek App, an innovative mobile tool that facilitates our drive for real-time data and communication.

Our Training

Wanzek has internal training programs developed to improve productivity, enhance performance and positively affect employee engagement. We believe the professional growth of our employees is a significant foundation for progress and it ensures we continuously evolve and improve as a team.

We customize our training curriculum to fit our business needs, allowing our team members to focus on specific organizational goals and strategies.

As our business expands and changes, we will continue to adapt our training program to meet specific knowledge and qualification requirements. We believe engaged employees work safely, focus on quality and ensure solutions are provided to our clients.

Professional Development

We believe that professional development is essential for our team to deliver excellence to our clients.

In order to achieve our standard of excellence for employee performance, we have implemented several programs and trainings that are available to each team member:

Professional Development

  • DiSC Workplace Profile
  • Strengths finders
  • Advanced leadership development programs
  • Emerging leaders and mentoring program
  • Wanzek lean continuous improvement

Additional Training

  • 100+ integrated work plan training sessions
  • NCCCO courses including rigger and signal person
  • Ongoing productivity training