Renewable Services


Renewable Services

Renewable Services

Wanzek’s Renewable Services Division is an Independent Service Provider (ISP). We specialize in comprehensive renewable power maintenance services, using a regional deployment strategy, helping our customers to maximize their investment in renewable power generation. Wanzek Renewable Services provides a suite of self-performed maintenance and repair services to assist in meeting manufacturers’ and owners’ requirements for wind turbine, electrical collection system, substation and civil components of a wind power generation site. Wanzek Renewable Services has dedicated industry experienced leadership, regional managers, project managers, wind technicians. Our wind service teams maintain an outstanding safety record and are respectful to landowners. We are GWO trained and NCCCO certified to perform the work in accordance with the customer specification and industry safety protocols. We provide our own safety-inspected, calibrated and certified tooling for each job. We deliver Renewable Services in a skilled and professional manner on a turnkey basis or by providing services as required. We have the regional locations, leadership, financial stability, training, equipment and experience to be a valuable resource for the successful operation of your wind site.

Dependable Renewable Services

Wanzek offers a single source for wind site services including the management, monitoring and maintenance of civil, crane, turbine, blade, substation and T-Line collection, as well as continuous improvement services. We specialize in comprehensive wind power maintenance services using a regional deployment strategy, helping our customers to maximize their investment in renewable power generation.

Civil Services

  • Low water crossing
  • Across road grading
  • Soft spot repair
  • SWPPP compliance
  • Retrofit Campaigns
  • Road installation
  • Crane Pad Installation & Reclamation
  • Remedial Civil Engineering Service

Blade Services

  • Blade inspection to ensure safe and efficient operation
  • Leading edge protection to protect against erosion
  • Lightening damage repair
  • Blade alignment to prevent turbine damage
  • Annual maintenance
  • Data analysis to ensure efficient operation
  • Advanced Troubleshooting
  • Nondestructive testing to monitor rotor blade condition

Small Project BOP/EPC Services

  • Prototype wind turbine installations
  • Community Wind Projects
  • Utility Wind Expansion
  • Turbine decommissioning, removal, site reclamation
  • Crane Services
  • Hydraulic All-Terrain to 600 tons
  • Crawlers to 600 tons
  • Bare and Operated day crane rental
  • NCCCO certified operators and riggers

Electrical, Substation, Collection Services

  • Substation Additions, Retrofits & Repair
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Underground Fault Location & Repair
  • Equipment Testing, Maintenance & Replacement
  • PMT Service & Repair
  • NERC Compliance Program
  • Voltage Testing
  • VLF Testing
  • TTR Transformer Testing
  • Phase & Rotation Testing
  • Megger (HV & MV) Testing
  • Ground Grid Resistance Testing

Safety & Inspection Services

  • Tower Internal Inspections & Repair with Documentation
  • Ladders
  • Climb Assist
  • Lift
  • Cabling & Busbars
  • GWO Working at Height Training

Wind Turbine Services

  • Repowering (turbine, electrical and civil services)
  • Gearbox Oil Change
  • Borescope and Gearbox Condition Analysis
  • Major Components Exchange
  • Gearbox Exchange
  • Main Bearing Exchange
  • Generator Exchange
  • Blade Replacement
  • Uptower Gearbox Repair
  • Anchor Bolt Tensioning
  • Tower and Hub Bolt Torquing
  • WTG Annual Service
  • Crane Services
  • EOW Inspections