ZERO Injuries Culture

Zero Injuries Culture Wanzek Heavy Civil Construction

The safety of people and property is the cornerstone of Wanzek culture.

At Wanzek, safety is the cornerstone of our company culture. We are committed to continuous improvement through our vision of Zero Injuries. Our commitment includes an active process to instill safety values in each team member and to ensure that safe behavior is instinctive and automatic.

Zero Injuries Culture

Our company has been consistently recognized as a leader for high safety standards in our industry. We encourage a Zero Injuries culture among our crew and contractors, with our focus on safety planning beginning long before we mobilize to the field. Safety leadership and involvement are the core principals of our PLAN – DO – CHECK – ACT continuous improvement safety process.

Along with instilling employee safety, accident prevention and hazard control in our in-house crew, Wanzek also holds our suppliers and subcontractors to the same high standards and we include them in every aspect of our project safety process.

With ongoing and comprehensive safety training and coaching, Wanzek strives to promote an environment built on teamwork and safety for every project we are involved in from the initial planning stages to completion.

The People Process

We know actions drive results and actions are primarily driven by beliefs. We endeavor to cultivate positive beliefs about safe behavior by providing positive experiences related to safety. Some of the specific positive experiences we want to create include recognizing employees for their involvement, affording immediate attention to at-risk behaviors and conditions, having quality tools and equipment on our projects and allowing time in the schedule to get work done safely.

R4 Wanzek Construction

Engaging Our Workforce

Review + Recognize + Recommend + Reinforce

We engage our team through our R4 observation program, an integral part of our vision of Zero Injuries. The four Rs – Review, Recognize, Recommend and Reinforce – provide the opportunity for our team members to actively engage in the company’s safety process through an employee observation and feedback program.

Our Awards

In the past decade, our safety programs have received recognition from several esteemed national associations and institutions, which include the Associated General Contractors of North Dakota, North Dakota Workforce Safety & Insurance, Health & Safety Institute, the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), National Safety Council and Associated General Contractors of America.

Awards Received

Wanzek has received the following awards and recognition for excellence in health and safety in the general construction industry:

  • National Safety Council Million Work Hours Award for operating 6,680,198 employee hours without occupational injury or illness involving days away from work (2017)
  • National Safety Council Perfect Record Award for operating 3,767,359 employee hours without occupational injury or illness involving days away from work (2017)
  • North Dakota Safety Council Workplace Safety Merit Award (2017)
  • American Wind Energy Association Safety and Health Achievement Gold Award for demonstrating the highest dedication and leadership in integrating safety and health management performance with business operations and core values in the wind energy industry (2018)