Quality & Development


Quality & Development

Small changes are a really big deal.

At Wanzek we deliver excellence through quality service at all stages of the job – from planning to operations and execution, as well as with lessons learned at job closure. We achieve this through collaborating with our customers and stakeholders and using lean continuous improvement methodologies to optimize all aspects of our construction services and operations. We focus on applying a high level of commitment to each project we undertake. We also continuously expand our internal training and programs in order to improve the initiatives that drive our approach, from the planning stages through the execution of service tasks.

Lean Kaizen Approach

Wanzek is committed to fostering lean practices. Our company-wide Lean Kaizen approach targets continuous incremental changes in processes in order to improve efficiency and quality.
  • Employees, from our office to the field, have access to a Six Sigma yellow belt training.
  • We apply lean methods to projects, with our team members working to earn yellow belts in continuous improvement through Wanzek’s Operational Excellence initiative.

Our Operational Excellence Program

The level of quality and efficiency that we provide for our customers is a deliberate outcome of our commitment to providing quality products and services in our industry. Our key objective is meeting and exceeding our customer’s needs for every construction project we are tasked with. Our Operational Excellence program is the framework that facilitates continuous improvement of our construction services and ensures that our customer’s needs are met the first and every time.
Continuous Quality Improvement Services
At Wanzek, we assist customers by optimizing the quality of our process from inception to completion. We work diligently to eliminate waste within a process and develop plans to proactively reduce risk and improve outcomes. Our ongoing goal is to discover ways to improve our processes as we respond to customer needs. Wanzek currently offers the following quality continuous improvement services:
  • Lean value stream mapping
  • Process waste analysis and optimization
  • Six sigma process improvements
  • Analytic problem solving
  • Root cause analysis

We are committed to national quality standards and are affiliated with the following organizations:

  • American Society for Quality
  • Six Sigma Resources
  • ASTM International
  • International Organization for Standardization
  • American National Standards Institute