Minot Air Force Base


Wanzek was hired to erect roof trusses for a new B-52 Bomber hanger at the Minot Air Force Base. The four main roof trusses connected a span 430 feet from one end to the other of the new hanger. The two pieces connected together at 213 feet and 120,000 lbs make each quarter section of the trusses. Each 213-foot load was lifted in tandem with a Wanzek-owned Link Belt ATC3275 and a Grove ATC3250. Each crane was tasked with lifting 60,000 lbs at a 36-foot radius. The new hanger will be used to house two B-52 bombers indoors out of the regions extreme weather conditions, allowing for longer service life of each bomber aircraft.


  • Crane rental
  • Crane operation
  • Rigging


North Dakota