Renewable Energy


Our projects tell the story.

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With a portfolio of nearly 10 gigawatts of wind energy projects, Wanzek’s wind team has the experience and knowledge to install a variety of turbine types and sizes. Our teams construct projects with operations and maintenance and Renewable Services as a forethought, proactively identifying challenges that could occur during installation and developing plans to mitigate long-term issues.

Building Renewable Energy

We focus on leveraging our skilled crews to build, expand and maintain renewable energy facilities all over the nation. Our role in the sector includes long-term maintenance services, shutdowns and capital expansion projects. We work closely with owners to balance organic growth with customer demands to meet market needs. Through our involvement with reputable associations such as the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), we stay apprised of industry-specific details that positively affect our project approach.

Renewable Energy Industries

We are committed to pioneering innovations with the goal of streamlining project execution and maximizing owner assets.

Wind Energy Construction – EPC and BOP

Our dedicated team has completed wind generation projects for some of the major players in the industry. We work with our clients to construct efficient wind facilities that generate clean energy for client’s long and short-term power needs. As a member of the American Wind Energy Association, we stay closely connected to industry innovations and insights.
  • Civil/Road/Earthwork construction
  • Foundation design and construction
  • Tower and turbine erection and installation
  • Turbine and rotor assembly
  • Tower wiring/FAA light install
  • Electrical design and installation of substation, transmission line and collection systems
  • NCCCO Certified Crane services
  • Design Services (foundation, civil, electrical)
Wanzek Renewable Energy Wind Blade

Solar Energy Construction – EPC

Our solar team specializes in designing and constructing complex commercial and utility-scale solar power projects. We approach projects systematically, providing innovative solutions to each project from initial development sand design through construction and operations. Our engineering team has the expertise to provide a high level of industry value to our clients by ensuring an accurate feasibility process. Our solar designs are developed with a focus on maximizing investment returns through performance analysis, delivery of bankable designs, high quality equipment and maximizing project output with minimal life-cycle cost. Our capabilities include:
  • Civil/Road/Earthwork construction
  • Piling and Racking Installation
  • Panel/Module Installation
  • Electrical Trenching & Cabling Installation (AC/DC)
  • Electrical Terminations (ACDC)
  • Equipment Placement
  • Substation & Switchyard Construction
  • Transmission Line Construction
  • Commissioning & Turnover
Wanzek Renewable Energy Wind Blade

Emerging Markets

Wanzek prides itself on building innovative solutions for clients with big ideas. Wanzek’s experience within the renewables industry has provided us with the experience and skillset needed to pursue opportunities in emerging markets, including battery energy storage systems. Wanzek’s Project Management Team has experience directing projects containing multiple trade disciplines, logistic coordination, multiple subcontractors and fast paced construction schedules. Our field management team is responsible for coordinating daily activities, ensuring that all construction disciplines remain on schedule in order to meet project schedules. Our current Battery Storage Facilities and Systems capabilities include:
  • Civil Construction
  • Foundation Construction
  • Procurement
  • Electrical Terminations
  • Interconnection
  • O&M Buildings
  • Building Construction (Subcontracted)
  • Engineering (Subcontracted)
  • HVAC (Subcontracted)