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We mobilize quickly and finish correctly.



At Wanzek, we focus on offering turnkey construction services for new and existing power facilities. Regardless of project type, our team mobilizes quickly and finishes correctly. Our construction crews have experience in a wide range of power generation projects, including performing extensive work during brief windows of scheduled outage. Our services and capabilities in the Power sector include:
  • EPC and General construction
  • Balance of plant (BOP) construction
  • Civil/earthwork construction
  • Power and high pressure piping
  • Millwright equipment installation, dismantle and repair
  • Equipment setting and installation
  • Pressure vessel installation
  • ASME Code welding of power boilers, power piping and pressure vessels
  • Structural steel erection
  • Mass foundations, piling and drilled piers
  • NCCCO certified crane services, rigging and heavy lift

Industrial Construction

Our Industrial Construction teams optimize project management for facility, pipeline and infrastructure construction through sound procedures, controls and effective communication.

Oil & Gas

Wanzek provides construction services to the Oil & Gas industry, with a reputation for responding quickly to a variety of needs. Our portfolio includes completing construction and performing maintenance services for the following structures:
  • Major compressor stations
  • Meter stations
  • LNG facilities
  • Tank farms
  • Liquid handling facilities
  • NGL stations
Wanzek accurately tracks and forecasts our project costs, progress and schedules and in conjunction with the qualified staff required to manage project controls. Our goal is to continuously improve and streamline our project management process through sound procedures, controls and effective communication.
Our services and capabilities in the Oil & Gas sector include:
  • Natural Gas Compressor/Pump Stations
  • Natural Gas Storage Facilities
  • Truck-to-rail Loading Terminals
  • O&M Services for shutdowns and maintenance
  • Site preparation, earthwork and grading
  • Structural concrete and foundation installation
  • Structural steel erection
  • Millwright services for equipment installation, dismantle and repair
  • Process piping installation
  • Equipment setting to place, move and align large components
  • NCCCO Certified Crane Services
  • Electrical scope project management
Team Wanzek understands the importance of getting wells online quickly and efficiently and ensuring they operate at the highest levels of performance. Our crews and personnel are experienced in managing every aspect of complete facility construction, civil services, oil & gas services, crane services and general maintenance. We perform site work concrete foundations, pipe work, equipment setting and structural steel. Wanzek’s goal is to integrate with your existing crew and staff to become partners in a seamless business unit striving for overall excellence. All Wanzek operations & maintenance services team members go through a rigorous cross-training program and ongoing specialty training to maximize their knowledge and efficiency.

Industrial Agriculture

The growth of our industrial construction portfolio is based primarily on our reputation. Whether it’s a design build project, T&M services or a lump-sum bid, Wanzek self-performs most work. Our industrial agriculture and food processing project experience includes:
  • Ethanol plants
  • Sugar beet processing plants
  • Yeast plants
  • Dairy plants
  • Sunflower extraction plants
  • Petroleum product facilities
  • Malting and brewing plants
  • Pulp and paper plants
  • Ammonia distribution terminals
With a focus on meeting aggressive completion timeframes, Wanzek deploys the tools, equipment and in-house expertise to complete jobs quickly. Our services and capabilities in the Industrial Agriculture sector include:
  • Oil Seed Crushing
  • Sugar Beet Processing
  • Ethanol Plant Construction
  • Process Piping Construction
  • General Maintenance and Shutdown Services
  • Millwright services for equipment installation, dismantle and repair
  • Structural Steel Erection
  • Equipment Setting and Vessel Placement
  • ASME Code Work of power boilers, power piping and pressure vessels
  • Site Preparation/Grading/Earthwork
  • Foundation design and construction
  • NCCCO Certified Crane Services