Our client-focused approach builds better relationships and better projects.

General Construction Services

Founded in 1971, Wanzek has grown to become a trusted source for Heavy/Civil, and concrete projects and services. We quickly expanded into bridge and dam construction, mass piling and foundations. Today, the company continues to build better relationships and better projects through our experience, professionalism and client-focused approach. Our internal structure includes industry-specific vice president roles formed to lead a development course that focuses on efficiency and transparency through project controls. This company framework drives our key results and a three-step method for construction teams that results in a streamlined project focus through direct communication.

Wanzek Construction Services

We take pride in providing the highest quality heavy industrial construction and specialty services to a wide cross section of industries, lead by an experienced and dedicated team:

Industries We Serve

  • Power

    Geothermal + Biomass + Natural Gas + Coal
  • Renewable Energy

    Wind + Solar + Emerging Markets
  • Oil & Gas

    Liquid Nitrogen + Natural Gas Compressor Station + Natural Gas Processing Plant + Truck-to-Rail Loadout + Crude Oil Pipeline
  • Heavy/Civil

    Grading + Structural Concrete + Bridges + Pile Driving + Flood Control Levees
  • Industrial Agriculture

    Refining/Processing + Crushing/Extraction

To support these industries, we align our approach to industry best practices, including the Construction Industry Institute (CII) and Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) and have a team of construction professionals, from leadership to crew members who ensure project details fit specific client needs.

Our Relationship-Driven Service Process

Wanzek provides a relationship-driven construction experience. We are proud to have retained many of our first clients while continuing to form new relationships. We recognize that each project is unique with its own set of specifications, requirements and needs, so we consistently strive to self-perform to build each project’s full operating potential.
Wanzek High ROI and Safety Standards


Before beginning your project, we get clear on your goals and map out the processes and procedures necessary to move your vision from inception to completion.

Precise Service

Our construction team leaders and crew members are detail oriented and precise in their service delivery in order to meet and exceed customer expectations. At Wanzek, we believe that each project should be completed with accuracy the first time.

Time Management

We know how important time management is for each construction project, so we focus on keeping tight schedules to ensure that the job is delivered on time and on budget.

High ROI

The goal of our industry leading construction service is to provide you with the most efficient process possible while also giving you the highest return on investment for your project.

Safety Standards

At Wanzek, our commitment to safety begins long before we break ground on new projects. We strive to achieve continuous improvement in our safety training procedures and management programs and work to meet high standards of safety each time we mobilize our crews to the field.
Commitment to Technology and Innovation

Commitment to Technology and Innovation

By investing in ongoing training, technological advancements and in-house equipment, Wanzek offers innovative and practical construction services that meet our customers’ needs as well as the general market demand. As a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI), We are dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of technology in order to improve the efficiency of every project. To achieve this goal, Wanzek is always searching for the newest and most effective tools, software, equipment and training so that we can serve you better.