The Wanzek Approach

We’ve laid the groundwork.

We organize smart job-sites that capture information on mobile devices in the field and integrates that information with our back-end systems. This allows our teams to communicate in real-time and facilitates information processing, better decision making and ultimately adds value to the life cycle of our clients’ projects. Team member qualifications include ASME: U, S and PP Certificates and NBIC: R Stamp, NCCCO Certified Craftsmen and Operators, Turnkey EPC Capabilities and Oracle Primavera Scheduling Software.

Our Growth and Future Prospects

Wanzek Construction is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MasTec, Inc., a publicly-traded, minority-controlled corporation. Backed by our parent company, we have the geographic reach, scalability and overall financial strength to deliver competitive, high-quality construction and specialty services. MasTec, Inc. is a publicly traded company (NYSE: MTZ). Find more information here.

At Wanzek, we attribute our growth over the past four decades to the relationships we have built with our base of repeat clients and our knowledge of customer needs, industry expertise and internal efficiencies. As we move forward on our mission to be a leading construction company through our people, safety culture, experience and dedicated teams, we remain focused on lean continuous improvement. With a sharp eye on safety, training, technology and quality initiatives, Wanzek looks forward to continued growth and building strong partnerships with our customers.

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A Client-Focused Approach

At Wanzek our client’s needs and market demand have informed the growth of our company in both our organizational structure and the expansion of our market and services. Our company growth plan implements a core development program that creates a foundation for more efficiency, transparency and streamlined project focus. Throughout each stage of project development and fulfillment, Wanzek’s focus is on delivering the highest quality service in the industry for all of our client interactions.


Our company roles are structured to support collaboration and communication across industry-specific channels. The result is optimal project efficiency and clear and timely direction throughout every stage of your project. Wanzek’s innovative Mobile Vision Plan (MVP) establishes daily integration of information with our back-end systems. This allows for the documentation and distribution of project information within the field, between field and corporate and between our company and our clients.

Quality and Development

Throughout every stage of project development and implementation, we strive to find methods to increase productivity, improving outcomes while reducing costs and time to completion.


At Wanzek, the safety of our clients, project managers, crew, contractors, suppliers, and the general public is one of our greatest priorities. Aligning with the North Dakota Safety Council (NDSC), we implement a system of continuous improvement in our safety training. This is a key factor that drives us in our vision of zero injuries. We actively engage our workforce through our R4 Observation Program. It gives employees the opportunity to engage in our safety process through active participation in our systems and through our employee observation and feedback program.


Designed to improve productivity, create higher performance relevance and positively affect employee motivation and retention, our in-house training program was created with a customized curriculum tailored to our organizational goals. We believe in continuously training and upgrading the skills of our team. To accomplish this, we invest heavily in education, certification and training in all aspects of the industries we serve.


At Wanzek, technology plays a major role in delivering more value to our clients. We constantly invest in our equipment and technology in order to provide customers with innovative and cost effective construction services. Our smart job-sites include expanded use of mobile devices that deliver real-time information and allow for timely, informed decision making along with on-time and on-budget project completion.